Stopping Aging (pressing the “Pause” button)

The first approach is easy. Slowing down aging is performed by reducing the harmful effects of sun exposure. Almost all aging of the skin is due to the radiation poisoning and free radical damage caused by ultraviolet light-A (UVA) and ultraviolet light-B (UVB) sun exposure. Take a look at areas of your body that are not often or ever exposed to sunlight such as the inner backs of your upper arms, breast or buttocks skin. There is likely no visible damage in these areas. Compare these areas to regularly exposed skin and observe the difference. Slowing future aging down is completely up to you with a little direction from us. By regularly applying the RIGHT sunscreen (most sunscreens are inadequate), you will do more to stop premature skin aging than anything else you can do. Click MelaScreen Sunscreen.

Anti-Aging (pressing the “Rewind” button)

Our second approach to your best skin care is the anti-aging process. Perfect skin is defined as smooth, firm and evenly colored. Perfect skin is free of all defects, scars, wrinkles, etc. It also has no particular sensitivities and is properly hydrated. There is no such thing as perfect skin beyond the age of two; however, by improving our skin according to the criteria for perfect skin, we are directly engaged in the anti-aging process.

Rx Skin Clinic can anti-age and perfect your skin thru several available processes that fit almost every budget.

Anti-Aging Options:

Photo Facials

We can enhance the use of your EZ Daily Pads and we can speed up the anti-aging process with laser and other light-based procedures performed in our medical clinic. The most common of these procedures is the Photo Facial. Photo Facials lift sun damage primarily in the form of brown spots and visible blood vessels on the surface of the skin. Photo Facials also firm and lift the skin by promoting collagen and elastin production deep in the skin. Your first Photo Facial is only $99.00. We will show you great improvement for about the price of a regular facial in just one session! (Click here to learn more about Photo Facials) and why all “Photo Facials” are not the same.

Specialty Light-Based Treatments

Some of us need more aggressive anti-aging in certain areas such as sagging skin or difficult lines around the mouth or eyes. For these conditions, Rx Skin Clinic has the answer. We can apply aggressive Skin Tightening and Skin Smoothing technologies to greatly improve these areas of concern. Click for Skin Tightening or Pixel

Comprehensive Skin Evaluation

Whatever your skin care needs are, we likely have a program that fits your budget and dramatically improves the health and quality of your skin. Why not call us and and arrange a thorough skin evaluation to explore your options? It’s free and most enlightening!