Acne is often addressed with over-washing and topical applications that can be irritating to the skin. Not all acne is created the same, and acne may be hereditary or caused by a variety of reasons including: hormones, stress, and cosmetics. With our Personalized Skin Analysis, you receive treatments that best suit you. A deep cleaning facial including extractions if often the first treatment step. Many effective home care products are available as well.

Zit Zap

Sometimes we get one nasty painful pimple (usually before an important event). Try not to pick, squeeze, pinch or panic! We’ll zap it with the laser and send you on your way with a medicated Blem-Erase (Zit Stick).

Laser Acne Treatments

At Rx Skin Clinic, we also use several light based acne treatments to solve the problem painlessly and effectively. Our Blue and Red L.E.D. light system is effective in resolving mild and cystic acne. You will spend about 20 minutes under the Blue or Red light emitting diodes. This treatment delivers acne fighting wavelengths that have anti-bacterial properties used to clear blemishes while calming and soothing sebaceous glands to help prevent future break-outs. This painless process kills the bacteria associated with acne and reduces oil production in your skin. Your current acne diminishes and future breakouts are reduced. Eight treatments spaced two times per week is the standard treatment protocol, but treatments vary based upon individual needs.