Titan or Alma ST A large volume of red and near-infrared light rays are placed into the deep dermis where collagen & elastin grow. Deep dermal heating occurs and stimulates the body to respond by creating collagen and elastin.

  • Tri-Lift Combination (TLC)Therapy The most aggressive therapy we exclusively offer is a our TLC Therapy. A one hour session of L.E.D, Accent and Titan/ST treatments are combined to offer the most aggressive non-invasive skin tightening available. There is no associated downtime, but rather immediate UP TIME! Discomfort is virtually non-existent and patients enjoy a temporary lift (usually lasting 48 hours); perfect just prior to an important social event. The ultimate result is achieved as collagen and elastin continue to grow for five months.

  • Do these therapies replace the need for plastic surgery?

    There is no substitute for invasive plastic surgery for tightening and lifting sagging skin. Surgery; however, increases the risk of injury, scaring, unnatural looking outcome and rarely life threatening complications. It also requires healing time or downtime and is expensive. Depending on your level of need and personal preferences, alternative therapies are more often than not a more natural way to accomplishing your long-term skin tightening goals.

    What is the best anti-aging therapy for me?

    Fortunately there are many options available according to need and budget. The only way to determine what is best for you is to provide you a thorough skin evaluation. At Rx Skin Clinic, this evaluation is complementary and an effective way to getting you on the right track for your best skin now. Call us and schedule your free evaluation today.